City Paper’s Sizzlin’ Summer – Pick it up today!

City Paper’s annual Sizzlin’ Summer edition is out today, which includes mine and yours’s’ favorite feature, the annual Coldest Beers listing. Such a fan of this section I am that I once created a glorious map of 2007’s list, and placed it gently on the internet (they even gave me a nod for it!). The […]

The Fort Avenue pub crawl stabbing – Backlash and fallout

In case you were not paying attention to the Baltimore area internet in the past few days, it was initially reported on Monday by Sun reporter Justin Fenton that during a pub crawl along Fort Avenue on Saturday (an overlapping pub crawl not associated with the one plugged a few days prior), an altercation broke […]

South Baltimore has CRABS!

It recently occurred to me that South Baltimore is becoming a helluva decent place to go for crabs. And it rules. LP Steamers in Locust Point has some of the finest mumbo jimmies around at decent prices, they’ve been an institution for quite a while. Steamers is about as old school Baltimore as you can […]

The Essence of Evan Roundup

Behold as the tragically hilarious guest poster Lee of The Jackal’s Den bestows upon us his thoughts and feelings on this past Saturday’s vodka infusion festival (my own material will be posted when I get my hands on some pictures of it): Sunday, June 7, 2009 Getting Awesome With Awesome Vodka When you get awesome […]