I had Happy Hour at The Capital Grille

August 18th, I find myself at an Inner Harbor establishment which I’ve heard has a pretty decent happy hour – a few friends from downtown places of professionalism want to go and I know at least one person that works there, so I say to myself hey, it’s the 80s and beat feet through the […]

Put That Wherever

Thursday, 5:47pm: The Inner Harbor Barnes and Noble In Baltimore, “just putting that right there” is not simply limited to streets and trash. No, sir. There are times when the phrase “put that wherever” can make a truly grand statement. I was purusing the international map section in B&N, and not seeing anything that would […]

Say Hello to the Raw Barge

Well here’s a pleasant sight from sometimes contributor Darth Raymunnn, who was wandering around aimlessly at Harborview the other day: the Tiki Barge’s (500 Harborview Dr., Inner Harbor) new double decker Raw Barge, which as of last winter was in the works and supposedly denied/delayed by the Harborview community, but folks began witnessing its construction […]

The Amazing, Disappearing, Kettle Hill Restaurant

Filed under “So This Happened,” Power Plant Live’s seemingly flagship “maturation effort” restaurant Kettle Hill closed — good god — over two months ago already, in a very, very quiet manner when the doors simply closed, locked, this post from Baltimore Diner c/o G-Lick dropped and no one ever said another word on the matter. […]

GET RAW AT THE RAW BARGE! (New addition to Tiki Barge)

Word has it that the once embattled and now seemingly acceptable Tiki Barge (500 Harborview Dr., Inner Harbor) is applying to expand its operations, in order to include a lil’ ol’ thing they like to call the “Raw Barge.” Billed as a seafood restaurant, this Raw Barge has one of the most comedy-ripe names I’ve […]