SpaceManAndy’s Advice for Cocktail Nerd in Oakland

Dear SpaceManAndy,

I am a pedant who believes that only a drink consisting of gin and
vermouth (and possibly bitters) should ever be called a Martini. I
also believe that such a drink should always be stirred, never shaken.
In this world dominated by Grey Goose and James Bond, will I ever find
true love? Or at least a blowjob?


Cocktail Nerd in Oakland

5 Foursquare Badges for Baltimore

For a while now, Foursquare has enjoyed something of a meteoric rise in popularity among the gadget headed, internet craving individuals of this nation. And while the frigging movie Valentine’s Day has its own Foursquare badge and page, the entire city of Baltimore ain’t got no badges of its own (although, the Baltimore Sun has […]

Orioles manager Dave Trembley replaced, Cal Ripken bobbleheads to assume position

Faced with the worst record in the major leagues last Friday (15-39), president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail made the landmark decision to replace manager Dave Trembley with something just as effective; a trio of collectible Cal Ripken Jr. bobbleheads. “Really this one’s a no brainer. The symbolic presence of Cal will provide every Oriole […]