5 things to do other than watch the Superbowl this year

Let’s face it gang, as a card-carrying Baltimorean you’re essentially obligated to not lay eyes on your television screen between the hours of 6:30 and 10-11pm on FOX this Sunday, as the Pittsburgh Steelers and their terrible-er towels take on the ….Green Bay ….Packers and their giant cheese hats. Talking Baby and hilarious Bud Light […]

Incoming District Attorney Gregg Bernstein hires staff, Coach K as standin

Reported today, District Attorney-elect Gregg Bernstein, who defeated incumbent attorney Patricia Jessamy in this year’s midterm election, selected several key individuals for leadership positions within his administration. Among them, trial lawyers and former prosecutors, but most notably Duke basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski, aka Coach K. The move to hire Coach K, who will serve […]

Facing legal pressure, Phusion Products releases Five Loko

Knee jerk hysteria is striking nationwide resulting in statewide banning of “Alcopops,” amidst the seemingly endless wave of college freshman who succumb to their potent alcohol content and fruity deliciousness. At the center of all of the attention is Phusion Products, creators of the acclaimed Elixir For Not Being Drunk called Four Loko. Aside from […]

Office of the State’s Attorney to offer 2 for 1 conviction Groupon, bail discounts

Facing sagging conviction rates and an uptick in high-profile, media saturated murders in the past few months, the Baltimore Office of the State’s Attorney has made a move that some are praising, others finding highly controversial; the office will be utilizing the social internet coupon service Groupon to offer 2 for 1 convictions in criminal cases, and 50% off bail coupons up to $10000. […]