5 Alternative uses for the male/female statue

Since 2004, Baltimore has been forced to acknowledge the fact that it for some reason commissioned a guy to build received the gift of a 51-foot tall metal statue with a glowing heart in front of Penn Station from a private organization, enjoying a level of eyesore that causes even the blindest infant to wince. […]

Dispatches from the unusually large snow storm – pt. 1

Throughout the last ……4397534 days of snow, the Baltimore area continues to collectively shit its pants and devolve into an infant state, a lot of which I would like to complain about in a timely fashion. But before I do, I continue to die laughing every single time I see Mr. Accuweather, over and over. […]

Awkward Stock Photos

Another day, another time-wasting blog to peruse or add to your reader. Awkward Stock Photos features the very awkwardest of photos available at various stock photo websites around the netiverse. This baby’s just gettin’ started and it’s already a hit with me!

Analysts Predict: This year’s harbor odor may be slightly less offensive

The year 2009 was a banner year for harbor stench. As algae blooms, fish kills and raw sewage sprinkled the collective populaces’ noses with a bouquet of fetid and otherwise lovely aromas during the height of spring and summer, sadly these times passed on and the colder months reduced the city of Baltimore’s finest quality […]

10 Websites from the Past 10 Years (that I have enjoyed) – Part 2

Continuing our list of websites you may have missed from the past ten years or so, the remaining five websites are examples of those beloved sites that are no longer with us. Whether it be the stiff competition from other sites, lack of interest or just bad timing, these sites for whatever reason didn’t last. […]

10 Websites from the Past 10 Years (that I have enjoyed) – Part 1

2009 is over and done with and the shittiest decade seen by the world in quite some time comes to a close. However, one thing that didn’t suffer over the past decade is internet comedy. Oh the humanity, our lovable series of tubes has produced a wide menagerie of content that the world has since […]