WMVE Award Contender #3.14159 – Call Me Mañana

In the past, I’ve been known to dedicate a little bit of postering for the highly sought after WMVE Award – aka “Worst Music Video Ever Award” – (here, here, here, here), and today we have another contender to add to the ever-growing list. I present to thee, dear readers, a German DJ known as […]

Bieber Fever contracted by livestock, thousands euthanized

[caption id="attachment_5175" align="alignnone" width="249" caption="Sun photo"][/caption]

International Universal Singing Supernova Justin Bieber performed in front of a screaming, frenzied audience of over 12,000 people and several hundred animals at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday, sending humans into frothing convulsions coupled by uncontrollable sobbing and child worship. The condition, known as “Bieber Fever,” was previously considered to be a mild disorder with a relatively short disease course of several hours, or concurrent distance from the teenage singer, with very few if any lasting effects.

That is, unfortunately, until Sunday when it became apparent that Bieber Fever is contractible to livestock. […]

This Snuggie thing is absolutely out of effing control.

Yeah at first Snuggies were kind of funny to me. The cult-member appeal, the idea of wearing the equivalent of a hospital gown made of LUXURIOUS material granting everyone the ability to answer the phone without the major hassle that a blanket might confer, I could kind of see it. Plus, the commercials are a […]

Jamaica Tales Volume 4 pt. 1 – Apocalypse

It has been entirely too long since the previous installment in our ongoing Jamaica Tales saga, and this last chapter is what I like to refer to as “a doozy.” A “barnburner,” if you will. A tale of epic horror, rivaled only by some sort of horror movie that has yet to be created by […]