What the Holidays Mean and 10 Things We Hate About Them!

This is a hectic time of year, and I have found myself quite busy. The demands of my day job as a Talent Director at a Czechoslovakian Brothel, as well as my being an FBI Informant has left me minimal time to blog. However, I could not leave 2013 without giving you one last introspective […]

Where to spend Halloween Eve in Baltimore: A flowchart

When living in Baltimore during what can truly be considered a high holiday in this fair city – Halloween – the pressure of deciding where to go to show off your a) ironic, b) sexy, or c) all of the above costume and getting blackout drunk with thousands of other people can be daunting. It’s […]

SpaceManAndy’s Gift Giving Guide For People You Don’t Like

Dear SpaceManAndy, I love Christmas time, but I really hate all the obligatory gift giving. I mean, I there are some people in my life like co-workers, or family friends, or neighbors that I just don’t like that much. Every December, I find myself obligated to get them a gift that doesn’t make me a […]

The greatest holiday light display on Planet Earth 2012

Oh, holiday light displays. You have such potential. And in a day and age in which guys living in Harford County are synching their holiday lights to fucking Call Me Maybe, there’s hope still on the Internet. Sweet, merciful Internet. In case you missed it for like the past three years, Youtuber awesome dude “slayer […]

HOLY SHIT THAT’S AWESOME: Pork N’ Pine Delivery brings you a pork sandwich & Christmas tree

SpaceManAndy discovered a truly wondrous service for the Baltimore area for his preparations for the holiday season, which unfortunately isn’t taking any more orders for as of last Sunday they’re accepting orders until THIS THURSDAY so get on it! Pretty brilliant little business for some extra dough! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that title right! […]