J&D’s Bacon Lube is, unfortunately, very real

And so it was, 2.5 years ago when the world was at the height of its almost irritating obsession with bacon when someone emailed me the apparent existence of a product – J&D’s Bacon Lube. Known for their oddball bacon products like Bacon Salt, Bacon Mayonnaise and various other bacon-related foods (but no actual bacon) […]

Urban Foraging in Baltimore: or, Hey this Superfundberry tastes great!

  Laura Vozzella ran a piece in the Baltimore Sun yesterday regarding the seemingly on-the-rise concept of Urban Foraging, which essentially amounts to picking things up off the ground and eating them: By gathering food in a city public park, Stauss not only trims her grocery bill but also takes part in one of the […]

New Value Items at Denny’s!

Hey America! Not feeling fat, gross, diabetic and/or heartattackish enough today? Well then saddle up partner and waddle your keister to your nearest Denny’s and try out one of these awesome dishes for under 8 bux! Fried Mozzarella Melt! Not enough cheese in your cheese sandwich? Specifically, not enough fried cheese in your cheese sandwich? […]

105 lb. woman eats 4.8 pounds of chicken wings

Continuing the tradition of chronicling our society’s decline, yesterday’s Labor Day celebration included the annual Buffalo Wing eating contest in (where else?) Buffalo, New York. The winner, 42 year old Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas, ate 181 wings in 12 minutes. Try to watch this entire spectacle without vomiting just a little:

A swimmable, fishable harbor: Or, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Yesterday was Earth Day, and like most of you I found myself reading 123456789 articles about the Earth itself, mostly about how it’s actively trying to kill us all currently in the form of volcanoes, historically significant earthquakes and the impending emergence of the Mole People who want to eradicate humanity (probably). One string of […]