Mealtime! #5

What: Fish Burrito Where: Pop Tacos, Cross St. Market (Light and Charles St. – map) How Much: $8.00 (with drink) Synopsis: Pop Tacos is remarkably similar to most other burrito joints around town, but their selection of filler extends way beyond your standard beef or chicken and includes shrimp, fish, shredded pork, and a few […]

Mealtime! #2

What: Buffalo Chicken Pizza Where: Taps Baltimore (1439 South Charles St.) How Much: $5 – WEDNESDAY NIGHT ONLY Synopsis: Crackery crust, very thin and light. Pretty average in the flavor department. I was a bit disappointed that they used buffalo sauce instead of pizza sauce, it didn’t really taste like a pizza to me. And […]

Burger King brings back tiny burgers again, again

Except now they’re called “Burger Shots.” Tiny little burgers in packs of three or six, more than likely you could eat them all in one mouthful. So basically, you get the equivalent of two burgers with twice the bread AND the cost! Also Burger Shots? Pretty lame name if you ask me, especially considering they […]

The Amazing McRib

The McRib is a very curious sandwich. The mere mention of McRib, in conversation or when heard in any number of “THE MCRIB IS BACK!!!” commercials brings forth some sort of weird, unfounded glee.Which is weird, considering it’s really just a gross rib-shaped pork patty slathered in… delicious… BBQ sauce… with pickles and onions on […]