Nuggetfest: A celebration of Nuggets.

Ladies and Gentlemen, nugget enthusiasts alike, the time has come for the next official City That Breeds event – a prelude, if you will, to 2012’s Cosby Sweater Bar Crawl. It’s a little thing we lovingly call Nuggetfest, an all you can eat Nuggetganza at Fells Point establishment Bad Decisions (1928 Fleet St.). Here’s a […]

New Orleans: A food commentary – Part 2

Po Boys, Po Boys, Po Boys Chances are pretty high that if you’re going to New Orleans and someone you know has already been there and you’re talking to them about New Orleans, they will say something to the effect of “OMG OMG G O JOMGOGMGOMG PO BOYS DDROOOOL.”  Sure enough, New Orleans is awash […]

New Orleans: A food commentary – Part 1

A week or so ago I had the pain/pleasure of spending some time in New Orleans during what must have been the coldest four day period in the history of New Orleans, with the exception of the last ice age (maybe). And since walking around the Garden District seemed less appealing in freezing rain, I […]

Soup Month 2009 Begins!!!! (now with bonus contest)

Last year, I spent entirely too much time during the month of December making delicious soups and eating soup and thinking about soup and loving soup, and well lookee here folks, it’s December again. Which means IT’S SOUP MONTH AGAIN!!!! For the record, here are some of last year’s recipes: Italian Wedding Soup Minestrone Twofer […]

Mealtime! Jong Kak

What: Beef Bulgogi platter, Kimchi Bowl Where: Jong Kak (18 W 20th St, Charles North) How Much: $8.50 each (lunch special) Synopsis: Do you love Korean food? Do you love the most amazing lunch deals ever? Then you should probably check out Jong Kak’s lunch specials on the daily. All of this delicious food you […]