Nuggetfest: A celebration of Nuggets.

Ladies and Gentlemen, nugget enthusiasts alike, the time has come for the next official City That Breeds event – a prelude, if you will, to 2012’s Cosby Sweater Bar Crawl. It’s a little thing we lovingly call Nuggetfest, an all you can eat Nuggetganza at Fells Point establishment Bad Decisions (1928 Fleet St.). Here’s a […]

Can something OTHER than a hotel be done with the Broadway Rec Pier please?

  Since Fells Point – and really it would seem every square inch of waterfront property in Baltimore City – is undergoing yet another phase of redevelopment what with Harbor East, Harbor Point, Harbor Harbor, Inner Harbor 2 and Under Harbor all hottening up the scene, we come to the tried and true tradition of […]

This whole Broadway Market reconstruction stuff can’t finish soon enough

If you’ve been down and around the Broadway Market area in say, the past oh TWO YEARS you’ll notice that a lot of work has been in the, uh, works to rebuild/revamp both lengths of the market itself (the southern stretch of which was completed last September) as well as the immediate surroundings insofaras the […]

5 bars in Fells Point that they don’t know about (And let’s keep it that way)

Whether you’re new to Baltimore or a seasoned veteran, we can all agree that it’s nice to discover (or rediscover) a new place away from the hustle and bustle of often times touristy Fells Point. Here we find 5 picks (and certainly not an exhaustive list, there are many) from SpaceManAndy and EvanTheMayor detailing some […]

Fells Point Post Week #2: The Antique Man Cometh

Please to be enjoying this second post in our arbitrary week of posts about Fells Point! If you’ve ever walked along Fleet Street during the daylight hours, chances are pretty high that you’ve walked past The Antique Man (1806-12 Fleet St., Fells Point), but were possibly too busy, creeped out by the circusy appearance, or […]

Preregister for Halloween in April, right now!

(Event Page) The time has come, ladies and gentlemen; in a mere 9 days the most coveted of costume-related holidays – Halloween – is coming to Fells Point six months early. Halloween in April. At 5pm, participants will meet at Bad Decisions (1928 Fleet St.) and register by making a $5 donation that will (mostly) […]