The Boot makes a triumphant return

Over the years …and years and years of my long career as an alcohol enthusiast, there are a few traditions and that I have always embraced at a few of my local favorite pour houses. Karaoke, house shots, pole dancing, whatever the case may be; one of my all-time favorites at Captain Larry’s was always […]

The Essence of Evan Roundup

Behold as the tragically hilarious guest poster Lee of The Jackal’s Den bestows upon us his thoughts and feelings on this past Saturday’s vodka infusion festival (my own material will be posted when I get my hands on some pictures of it): Sunday, June 7, 2009 Getting Awesome With Awesome Vodka When you get awesome […]

Federal Hill – still decidedly evil

My BFF and I have been noting as of late the pervasiveness of general malaise that seems to ooze from Federal Hill proper on the weekends. Stabbings, melees, loud and drunken horror that seems to outshine any pleasantness that might come out of a weekend night seem to stick out in my head, and this […]

Who Says Everybody in Federal Hill is a Douchebag?

Just because Evan didn’t believe I would write this (see his comments), I’m writing this. But it’s not going to be long because I have to get back to my sweet new pad in South Baltimore (not Federal Hill) with its highly competitive parking and my 9 pounds of oatmeal. So my mother and father […]