Nachoquest: C&R Pub

HOWDY Y’ALL! ROOTIN’ TOOTIN’ RIP SNORTIN’ COWBOYS N’ REDNECKS IS A COUNTRY REDNECK BAR IN FEDERAL HILL AND THEY HAVE NACHOS!!! YEEHAW! RIDE ‘EM COWBOY! AND SO FORTH! Yeah so these nachos come with some sort of home made chips I think, a lot of cheese (hardly any naked chips, that’s good), roasted jalapenos, black […]

I need some goddamned Ramen right now.

Baltimore, what is wrong with you? Do you hate Ramen or something? I mean come on! It’s not that hard to make (well, hard to make well but whatever)! Alkaline noodles, a kickass broth and some stuff in it, that’s pretty much it. Behind Pho as the “least repesented cusine in Baltimore City,” there’s barely one […]

Taco Spot to become Banditos, 1542 Gastropub vacating to become indoor waterpark for babies*

Well boy howdy, a full three months after Riverside’s The Reserve shut its doors “forever” and roughly two months in change after the rebranded 1542 Gastropub opened its doors, word comes from a little birdie that the staff and crew at 1542 is shutting its doors *yet again* and vacating in an effort to focus […]

Republic Noodle no getty liquor license, closes

CALAMITY!!!! Commenter DLT7 breaks the news that Republic Noodle (1121 Light St., Federal Hill) has very very sadly and probably overpricedly closed. According to their website and a flyer on the door: Update We were unable to acquire an affordable liquor license at this location and have closed the restaurant. Please look for our new […]