Tom Shellenberger, Baltimore’s Dracula

Readers, viewers, listeners, I am a Mayor obsessed: With vintage clips from Evening Magazine. I’ve been scouring the Interwebs for Baltimore’s wholesome human interest pieces that ran daily(? I think) from 1977 to 1990. It’s so great! I’ll be uploaded these treats to our Youtube Channel (and subscribe!) semiregularly to our “Baltimore Ephemera” playlist, so […]

Dundalk Heritage Fair 2012 – the majesty continues

And so it was this past weekend, just prior to celebrating our nation’s independence for the 237th or 8th time, I can’t remember, members of the Midnight Sons assembled and travailed our way to Dundalk’s Heritage Park to bear witness to the greatness that only the karaoke beer garden can provide. There’s some video complete […]

Costas Inn turns 40, is still awesome

I hadn’t had the fortune of finding myself and or having a meal at Dundalk’s Costas Inn (4100 North Point Blvd) since I was a wee lad, but a weekendish ago participated in a crab feast at the acclaimed seafood-and-everything-else restaurant to much enjoyment. It doesn’t really appear that the decor has changed since its […]

The Magic and the Pageantry: Dundalk Heritage Fair

Every year for the past 30 some odd years, the fine folks of Dundalk gather and organize their annual celebration of culture and heritage, the Dundalk Heritage Fair. A tribute to America, America, ….and America, this fair truly encompasses the pride and admiration the hard working family folk of Dundalk have for their country. The […]

Remembering Steeltown

Having read today’s totally amazing blogoentry by Sam Sessa featuring a promo video for the defunct Hammerjack’s, I find my brainstrings stretching far and wide enough to remember another club that was sadly not long for this world: Steeltown. Steeltown was a gargantuan, 32,000 square foot bar/restaurant/concert venue with an industrial theme, presumably an homage […]