White people are a curious bunch.  They offer car financing, eat tuna fish sandwiches, drink Miller Lite, send their kids to summer camp, sit on the Bench in the NBA, purchase product protection plans on electronics, and whenever they gather in large numbers, they play Beer Pong and Cornhole. White people are just plain […]

This LINE Camera app is ridiculous or: The Adventures of Celery Man

Is Instagram just not enough for you? Tired of those drab vintage frames, those sepia filters and focus stripes that artificially make you look like a decent photographer? Do you need to convert mundane images into anime/bling/fantasy related pictures for Japanese children to enjoy? Let’s face it, reality is boooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnggggg and LINE Camera is just […]

Illusions, several other Cross St. venues protested for liquor license renewal

It was reported in February that Good First Date bar Illusions (1025 South Charles St., Federal Hill) had its entertainment license challenged in court by Paul Robinson and the Federal Hill Neighborhood Association, a challenge that was dismissed by judge Audrey Carrion (awesome name btw). Now it would seem that the FHNA is up to […]

The HONtroversy Omega – the ultimate flame war

City Paper ran a less-than-timely and detailed interview with Denise Whiting this week, the oft-reviled and always controversial figurehead of Cafe Hon who – in case you were living at the bottom of the bay in the past few months – enflamed the city’s ire when she revealed she had placed a copyright on the […]

Twilight of the Plastic Bag Saga

Well it would seem the city council’s long standing tradition of trying to tax literally anything and everything under the guise of environmental or safety concerns has come to a head this week, as the now nearly two year old issue (1, 2, 3) of the city’s efforts to ban/tax plastic bag usage at grocery […]