This Year’s Baltimore Farmer’s Market is Pretty Huge You Guys

Baltimore’s numero uno Sunday Farmer’s Market debuts in less than 48 hours (oddly timed with our Lord and Savior’s Resurrection, but whatever) and 2015 is shaking up to be VERY SPEND HAPPY for you, the interested consumer. A slew of new vendors have been added and the market boundaries have exploded beyond the confines of […]

Bronies, Bronycon, Brony-ism: A Primer

Our local Brony consultant known only as “Bronii-san” provides you with an introduction to the wild, wild world of Bronies, as Bronycon kicks off this weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center. Take it away, Bronii-san! First, a little background. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP:FiM) takes place in the land of Equestria. Lead character […]

Nachoquest: Mick O’Shea’s

  Mick O’Shea’s is arguably (if not the) the best bar in upper downtown Baltimore, but hey, a bar’s quality often times isn’t exactly indicative of its menu or the subsequent quality. Even moreso with nachos. “You know, nachos, they’re an appetizer, just kinda a pile of stuff on a plate right?” WRONG.   Give […]

Get to the National Pinball Museum while the gettin’s good

Unfortunate news came down the pipeline this past week that the beloved-by-most National Pinball Museum (608 Water St, Downtown), which has had a right difficult time finding a permanent home, is closing its doors once again on March 3rd. The time tested disagreements with landlords over lease terms has choked out the museum’s ability to […]

Nachoquest: Peter’s Pour House

Let it be known that Peter’s Pour House (111 Mercer St., Downtown) is one of my favorite spots in downtown Baltimore. Back “in the day” it was the spot for happy hour after work, mingling with pro-fessionals streaming out of the then Legg Mason building and stumbling around Water Street with some outdoor table gaming […]

The Amazing, Disappearing, Kettle Hill Restaurant

Filed under “So This Happened,” Power Plant Live’s seemingly flagship “maturation effort” restaurant Kettle Hill closed — good god — over two months ago already, in a very, very quiet manner when the doors simply closed, locked, this post from Baltimore Diner c/o G-Lick dropped and no one ever said another word on the matter. […]