South Baltimore Parking Problems to Get Even More Worserer

South Baltimore parking is about to get even more sparse than it was before. After more than five years of being teased that luxury apartments are coming to Heath Street ( EtM edit: good god it’s been THAT long?), traction is finally being made on this plan. The Heath Lofts will boast almost 60 luxury […]

Will Crossbar der Biergarten be open by October?

Crossbar der Biergarten, or Crossbar for short, is the latest “super-bar” planned for Federal Hill. Brian McComas, Ryleigh’s owner, continues to push for this newest concept. The plan is to merge 12 & 14 East Cross Street and knock down the walls of 14 & 16 East Cross Street to create an open-air beer garden, […]

Tommy’s Downtown Tavern is the toehold Pigtown needs

A while ago I had heard through the grapevine (probably via @casey18cc and @carolott, who live within eyeshot) that Tommy’s Downtown Tavern (839 W Cross St, Pigtown) was for sale and was reminded again by reading it over on that Tom Fox is trying to sell the property to the “right person,” someone who […]

You Don’t Know, Jack

After last week’s blatant display of corruptitude by our City Council (according to Carl Stokes) during the Harbor Point workshop, a small band of intelligent Twitterers took to Twitter and spoke their minds with one city council president Jack Young. Observe. Oh and stay tuned to today’s podcast for more. [View the story “You don’t […]

Put your money where your mouth is: the ultimate Harbor Point roundup

Enough is enough. It’s time to put our money where our mouths are and put down signatures to abstain support for those elected officials propping up the worst deal for Baltimore going, in one Harbor Point. View the petition right now, or read on for more. We’ve talked and talked and talked about Harbor Point […]