Baltimore Beer Week 2011 opening tap celebration – get yer tickets now

Baltimore’s undeniably biggest celebration of craft beer of the non-Belgian variety – Baltimore Beer Week – starts at the beginning of October, with the always enjoyable Opening Tap Celebration (OTC) on October 6th at Ram’s Head Live (tickets here). In its 3rd year, Baltimore Beer Week and its OTC has seemingly skyrocketed in popularity year […]

Drinking Made Easy coming to Baltimore and Natty Boh on Tap!

Rumors had been flying about recently as to whether or not Zane Lamprey’s (awesome name btw) show Drinking Made Easy, a show dedicated to regional drink specialties and traditions, was coming to Baltimore to shoot an episode for season 2. The rumors were confirmed last week, when DME ran an article on The Land of […]

Oktober Muggfest at Muggsy’s Mughouse

Not to be outdone by Cuppy’s Cuphouse and their Cuptober Cuppfest, This Thursday September 23rd Muggsy’s Mughouse (1236 Light St, Federal Hill) will be hosting their “Original Oktoberfest celebration.” For $20 (in advance, $25 at the door) ye shall receive a 16 oz. bottomless* take-home pint glass and access to a buffet full of delicious German eats. Apparently the thing is sponsored by Warsteiner, one of my fave beers, so it should be pretty good stuff.

In other news, Muggsy Bogues.

*actual pint glass has a bottom

Baltimore Beer Week 2010 (aka BBW 2010)

The cooler days of Fall are approaching (thank God) and it can mean one of several things for you personally, be it impending yardwork, giving birth to a child, whatever floats your boat. But certainly, one thing it should definitely mean for you personally is your participation in the 2nd Annual Baltimore Beer Week, put […]

The Baltimore Area Cheapest Beers Map!

It’s well documented that people enjoy beer. And while the snottiest beer nerd will wince at the thought of drinking some sort of mass produced domestic on the cheap, the rest of us want it cold, quickly, and most importantly: cheap.

Which is why starting now, the Baltimore Area Cheapest Beers Map is live! […]