Key West Tales Vol. 1 – Grand Vin

So last week I was in Key West, FL doing a little vacationing and visiting. I spent much of my time there with locals who work/own/operate businesses in the area, and was fortunate to get a taste of the non-cruise ship atmospheres and locations around town. And I’m going to tell you about them. Enjoy! […]

Own a piece of Baltimore’s corrupt history!

In what simply must be the greatest news ever to hit my cerebral cortex in no less than twelve lifetimes, disgraced former mayor Sheila Dixon’s Xbox 360 – purchased using absconded gift cards for the poor – is now available for bid on eBay, according to The Baltimore Sun (“Dixon’s Xbox up for sale on […]

5 potential replacements for the male/female statue

In our last episode, we covered five possible alternative uses for the male/female statue in front of Penn Station that currently offends the eyes of all things living. And since the statue has officially been repurposed, now we begin the process of searching for a replacement. (click for big) As was suggested previously by Baltimore […]


If there’s one thing I and every other person knows about Baltimore during the holiday season, it is this: The Trans-Siberian Orchestra – the orchestral-metal-holiday-christmas-music-supergroup – will come to town (sadly they’ve already been here, maybe next year!!), 98 Rock will give away a bajillion tickets to the show, and THE HOLIDAYS WILL ROCK. HARD. […]