City Paper’s Sizzlin’ Summer – Pick it up today!

City Paper’s annual Sizzlin’ Summer edition is out today, which includes mine and yours’s’ favorite feature, the annual Coldest Beers listing. Such a fan of this section I am that I once created a glorious map of 2007’s list, and placed it gently on the internet (they even gave me a nod for it!). The […]

Remembering Steeltown

Having read today’s totally amazing blogoentry by Sam Sessa featuring a promo video for the defunct Hammerjack’s, I find my brainstrings stretching far and wide enough to remember another club that was sadly not long for this world: Steeltown. Steeltown was a gargantuan, 32,000 square foot bar/restaurant/concert venue with an industrial theme, presumably an homage […]

The greatest bail bonds card ever? Or: Explosions improve everything

Now, I have seen my fair share of bail bonds cards, Big Boyz Bail Bonds pens (I have 40,000), bail bonds bumper stickers, child safety seats and toilet brushes but this, this card, this magnificent bastard is my new favorite. Why? Because it has an explosion. Plain and simple. You don’t think explosions make for […]

Key West Tales Vol. 2 – Shrimp Shack

One of the greatest things about Key West is the fact that, like Baltimore, it’s a seafood town. Except unlike Baltimore, the seafood literally flies out of the water onto your plate while cooking in midair. Granted, the eastern shore of our fair state is brimming with waterfront restaurants boasting off-the-boat cuisine, but it’s hard […]