The 2nd Annual Bacon and Beer Fest!

Today marks the 1 month lead up to one of the Baltimore area’s greatest brewery tours, the Heavy Seas Pyrates, Pigs and Pints tour! A celebration of all things pirate, bacon and some of the greatest local brew put out by the fine folks of Heavy Seas (aka Clipper City Brewery). Last year’s celebration was absolutely incredible (seriously look at the pictures, it was awesome) and this year’s promises to be more of the same …despite the fact that the tour is not on Talk Like a Pirate Day, and is instead on our current greatest day of national mourning, but whaddayagonnado. Here’s the rundown…

Crumpton Auction is a great weekday getaway

If you’ve got a Wednesday off in the near future for some reason, you should definitely consider taking the short trip over the Bay Bridge to Crumpton, where Dixon’s Furniture Auction occurs every week from 9am on. The auction house features literally thousands of items every week, ranging from legitimate antiques to quirky junk lying […]


The big winner of the Guess The Movie, Win The Movie contest is none other than richie, who correctly guessed the movie, Total Recall! He squeaked in his comment mere seconds before @lizrawr, who guessed correctly on Twitter (but didn’t comment in time).Congrats richie, email me your address and your sweet sweet copy of Total […]