Baltimore Beer Week 2010 (aka BBW 2010)

The cooler days of Fall are approaching (thank God) and it can mean one of several things for you personally, be it impending yardwork, giving birth to a child, whatever floats your boat. But certainly, one thing it should definitely mean for you personally is your participation in the 2nd Annual Baltimore Beer Week, put […]

Baltimore Mad Libs!

Everybody loves Mad Libs. It’s a scientific fact. And at some point recently the thought occurred to me: “Hey there should be some Mad Libs about Baltimore, that’d be pretty funny.” And then I thought “Hey I should run a contest where I make a Mad Lib about Baltimore and people fill it out and the best submission wins, that’d be pretty funny.”

And so here we are folks: we’ll be launching a 2-fold “Baltimore Mad Libs” contest, with two totally awesome prizes – one for the best “fill in the words” for a Mad Lib about Baltimore we provide, and an even BIGGER prize for the best “make your own Mad Lib about Baltimore.”

(If you’ve been living in a cave for the past 30+ years and just recently attained internet service and don’t know how a Mad Lib works, go here)

The “fill in the blanks” Mad Lib will go live tonight and submissions will be accepted until Midnight Sunday. If you’re even more creative than most and would like to create your own Mad Lib about Baltimore, type it up in whatever text program you see fit and email it to us by next Tuesday, September 7th (here’s an example of what it should look like). The best ones will be featured in a future post/contest all their own and will win a prize package consisting of some seriously awesome stuff.

So get your creative juices flowing people, let the zany hilarity ensue!

The handy guide to custom google maps on your phone

Lots of you tech oriented people out there are already well aware of how to accomplish this, but for those of you who aren’t, imagine this situation: You’re driving along and suddenly you develop a craving for say, nachos. “BUT WHERE’S THE BEST AND OR CLOSEST PLACE TO FIND NACHOS?!?!” you screech in your open windowed car, thoroughly embarrassing yourself. Fortunately, given the past exploits and insanely helpful maps created by us in the past, your troubles are over. Here’s how to add such a map to your phone…

Moonlight Madness at Southside Goodwill tonight

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough cheap junk from Goodwill and other various thrifty stores, then you have no possible choice but to head down to the Southside Goodwill (900 E. Fort Ave., Riverside) for their INSANE moonlight sale tonight from 6-10pm. Everything in the store is 50%, meaning you could literally pay $0.50 for a velvet painting of Road Runner. Hop to it!

Happy International Left Hander’s Day!

AUGUST 13TH IS INTERNATIONAL LEFT HANDER’S DAY THE MOST IMPORTANT HOLIDAY IN THE WORLD!   You got that right folks, today is the day that 7-10% of the world’s population – all incredibly good looking geniuses – celebrate the use of their left hand with predominance and spread the word regarding how awesome it is […]