Baltimore Rock Opera Society achieves a higher level of greatness

And so it was that plucky crazy awesome rock opera company BROS (Baltimore Rock Opera Society), in anticipation of their upcoming production Murdercastle, launched an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to raise $20,000 so they could take their production on tour and expose the rest of the East Coast to their bloody, rock awesome shenanigans. […]

New Literal MS Paint: Thrift Shop

Hands down, Literal MS Paint is a top five favorite series/collection of ours on the Youtubes, taking popular hits from the current pantheon and drawing the lyrics in MS Paint, with a literal interpretation (duh). The newest addition, a take on soon to be Preakness Infield headliner Macklemore/Ryan Lewis inexplicably on the radio a lot Thrift […]

The Fifth Annual (!) Snuggie Bar Crawl is this weekend

Unbelievably, inconceivably, holy shit we’re oldily the FIFTH ANNUAL and wildly popular Snuggie Bar Crawl is occurring this Saturday, February 23rd with the jump being at Captain Larry’s Bar and Grill (601 E Fort Ave., Riverside). I think I’ve been to at least three of them thus far with the first having had the distinction […]

The greatest holiday light display on Planet Earth 2012

Oh, holiday light displays. You have such potential. And in a day and age in which guys living in Harford County are synching their holiday lights to fucking Call Me Maybe, there’s hope still on the Internet. Sweet, merciful Internet. In case you missed it for like the past three years, Youtuber awesome dude “slayer […]

Dundalk Heritage Fair 2012 – the majesty continues

And so it was this past weekend, just prior to celebrating our nation’s independence for the 237th or 8th time, I can’t remember, members of the Midnight Sons assembled and travailed our way to Dundalk’s Heritage Park to bear witness to the greatness that only the karaoke beer garden can provide. There’s some video complete […]

Pizza Boomerang: how is this not a viral sensation yet?

@npvajda tipped me off to this magically awesome video for Pizza Boomerang, a creation put together by Barcelona-based Sofa Experience Communications who apparently do a bunch of commercials for Burger King in Spain. Beside the point. On the point, this video RULES. It has literally everything you could possibly want in a video about pizza boomerangs: A […]