Great Product? Or Greatest Product?

Every so often in life, breakthroughs occur. Moments in human evolution that solidify our standing as the truly dominant species, the pinnacle of innovation and intelligence in this solar system. Truly such a moment has occurred, as a species we have transcended ourselves yet again. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Scented […]

A little something to perk me up.

Today has been rather traumatic. This week has been rather traumatic, and it’s only Tuesday. I’ve never actually believed that the economy has been close to a total collapse before, but well, here we are. You know what I like to do in times like this? Watch the worst music video ever made, ever. Ever. […]

The Bacon Vodka Chronicles – pt. 3 OMEGA

After allowing the bacon vodka to sit for 4 days, half of which was spent refrigerated, it becomes time to filter all of the horrible fat globules and as much of the debris out of the mix as possible. For this, we start with some easily obtained cheesecloth (or in my case, “tear cloth” obtained […]

The Bacon Vodka Chronicles pt. 1

Throughout the days of adventuring here in southern Baltimore one comes across something special every now and then. An old man pooping in a parking lot, maybe, but in this particular instance I’m referring to a magical concoction that was briefly served at Captain Larry’s known as bacon vodka. There’s really no further pretext necessary, […]