Presenting: The Cosby / Tacky Sweater Bar Crawl 2014

It’s impossibly insane to believe that after four years, A MARRIAGE WE’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR, and hundreds of dollars raised for local charities the 4th annual Cosby / Tacky Sweater Bar Crawl is upon us yet again. On November 22nd, the sweatered masses will assemble yet again to rove the length of Boston Street and sweater […]


  White people are a curious bunch.  They offer car financing, eat tuna fish sandwiches, drink Miller Lite, send their kids to summer camp, sit on the Bench in the NBA, purchase product protection plans on electronics, and whenever they gather in large numbers, they play Beer Pong and Cornhole. White people are just plain […]

Free Stuff Friday: Tickets to Jason Bateman’s ‘Bad Words’

Greetings Baltimore! WOuld you like some free tickets to a movie today? How about Jason Bateman’s ‘Bad Words’ on March 3rd? See below: BAD WORDS In Theaters March 28th Rated R Directed by: Jason Bateman Cast: Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn, Chaitanya Chopra Jason Bateman (“Identity Thief”) makes his feature directorial debut with the subversive comedy […]

It’s the most Nuggety time of the year: Nuggetfest

For the third year our annual (well, the first year was impromptu – so the second year on our dime) Festival of Nuggetry takes place at Bad Decisions (1928 Fleet St, Fells Point) on Thursday, October 10th. $15 for all you can eat Nuggs (while supplies last), freebies will be handed out and the quest […]

The aforementioned free bauble offer

HEY. Are you heading to this weekend’s Charm City Folk and Bluegrass Festival? Yes? You’re already going? Great. Coz the show is sold out. Even better, I aka Me aka Evan The Mayor will be selling delicious hand crafted beef jerky snacks courtesy of our now corporate overlords Mobtown Meatsnacks at the festival, and as […]


TODAY IS APRIL 18TH, THE THIRD THURSDAY OF APRIL. AND THAT MEANS IT IS NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY HIGH FIVE, PLANET EARTH The National High Five Project is a non-profit dedicated to high-fiving to raise money for cancer research. This year on April 18, participants across the nation pledge to give high fives all day […]