White people are a curious bunch.  They offer car financing, eat tuna fish sandwiches, drink Miller Lite, send their kids to summer camp, sit on the Bench in the NBA, purchase product protection plans on electronics, and whenever they gather in large numbers, they play Beer Pong and Cornhole. White people are just plain […]

Absolut Cities – Absolut Baltimore!

Swedish Vodka megajuggernaut Absolut is continuing its “Cities” line this year with yet another US city to add to its long line of city-themed-and-subsequently-rebranded flavors (“Berry Acai” used to be “Los Angeles,” “Brooklyn” is now “Orient Apple,” which makes sense), revving up the Social Media 2.4 Synergy Lateral Marketing Engine ™ to find THE NEXT […]

SpaceManAndy’s Politically Potent Potables for Sober and Sad Sarah

Dear SpaceManAndy, I need booze to get me through the current political climate. Please suggest some cocktails. Thanks, Sober and Sad Sarah Dear Sober and Sad, No, thank YOU. You’ve given me a chance to combine 2 of my great loves: booze, and asserting my opinion on current events! It’s true, things are depressing right […]

Top Baltimore Beer Week Picks

Baltimore Beer Week is roughly two weeks away, the weeklong celebration of all things Beer that has seen a truly meteoric rise in popularity year-over-year and swollen in scope to over 250 events (mostly happy hours with different beers on tap than usual, but whatever). And of course it’s physically impossible to attend even a […]

SpaceManAndy’s Advice for Parched in Pigtown

Dear Spaceman, I’ve heard lots of people complain that a certain beer brand makes them sick, or even certain kinds of alcohol. Now I’m not talking getting sick from overindulging, I mean like have 2 bud lights and they are allegedly sick for days. Or take one shot of vodka and they have stomach cramps. […]