In a prior digest I posted a video of CoS leader David Midgetkavidge ranting and raving about "smart bombs" set
After having read some blog entries on the development of Wham City's upcoming play adaptation of Jurassic Park, I was
It's not really news that The Baltimore Sun's subscription base has been bleeding out uncontrollably for the past few years
Before I get around to posting non-CoS material, I thought I'd share with everyone some late-breaking, utterly disturbing news. A
Super Tuesday has come and gone, although I was so busy not paying attention to it I had no idea
Many of you may know that tomorrow is the most important day of the primary election cycle. If you don't
murders are down to pre-crack levels. 14 murders in January is still a hell of a lot, and this is
Tomorrow is the last day anyone in Baltimore will be able to smoke inside of a bar. John Woestendiek wrote
If you haven't found yet, you should go there to find a few forgotten favorites. No Brisco County Jr.,
One of the more fascinating reads coming out of the Baltimore media is most certainly The City Paper's Murder Ink,