One Summer Day After Practice

My car was thick with laughter, exhaustion, and the smell of teenage boy. We’d just finished our summer workout. It was too early in the year for football practice to officially begin, but the team captains were holding “summer trainings.” None of the coaches were present, but we all suspected they were being told which […]


  I’m taking a quick detour from my regular Bloggie Route to deliver a follow-up edition of more ‘Texts from Reeses’, which only took up a portion of my last Bloggie (I‘ll post the link at the bottom for the uncool peeps who haven’t read them). This special blog package arrived due to the overwhelmingly positive […]

18 Texts From My Cat, Puff Daddy, and the Secret to Blogging!

The eulogy for Originality has been delivered.  In the world of themed cyberspace journaling, the creative oxygen machine that pumps new thoughts into the minds of bloggers i.e., bored housewives, bipolar teenagers, crazed introverts, closeted gays,  and struggling Asian writers, has long vented its final breath. Just on TUMBLR alone, over 120 MILLION Blog Posts […]

Remembering Preakness

Oh Preakness, I remember how you used to be. Before the B-list bands, the exhibition sports and thinly veiled attempts at gouging people for beer money. You were the Best of Times, the Blurst of Times. The rampant pissing, the fecal lagoons, the 3rd world population density, the fist fights in the mud, the dried […]

City That Breeds Bumper Stickers and The Rat Fishing Video Post

After this interesting-to-me-only exchange witnessed yesterday on Facebook, I found myself remembering this slightly uncomfortable Youtube video filed under “Wait this is a thing?” shot in 1995, where a guy from DC interviews the Baltimore Association of Rat Fisherpersons, or B.A.R.F., as they hold their 3rd annual (and final) rat fishing tournament at Yellow Rose […]