The handy guide to custom google maps on your phone

Lots of you tech oriented people out there are already well aware of how to accomplish this, but for those of you who aren’t, imagine this situation: You’re driving along and suddenly you develop a craving for say, nachos. “BUT WHERE’S THE BEST AND OR CLOSEST PLACE TO FIND NACHOS?!?!” you screech in your open windowed car, thoroughly embarrassing yourself. Fortunately, given the past exploits and insanely helpful maps created by us in the past, your troubles are over. Here’s how to add such a map to your phone…


Wired Magazine explains the economics of Somali piracy with a video game. Learn about African geography, small-business management and, um, sailing. They also include a more conventional “explainer” article discussing some of the incentives that drive piracy in the region along with maps and videos.

The entertainment circle is complete.

It should come to no surprise to anyone that with the imminent XBOX 360 dashboard update, which brings so much additional functionality it could choke a camel, we here at The City That Breeds went right ahead and got a subscription to Netflix, since among the camel-choking list of additions to the 360 comes the […]

Reason #400000 that gmail is the best

Gmail went right ahead and implemented video chat into their already pretty useful and easy integrated gchat module, making Gmail the king of email services. Hands down. Yeah I know, MSN Messenger and AIM and Yahoo Messenger do it, and they’re all integrated into their respective email clients, but gimmee a break, all of their […]