Award Winning Mixologist

I’m taking this award and running with it. Running. With. It. If bacon vodka can win an award, then surely the jasmine tea and cucumber vodka (made for the semi-annual Midnight Sun happy hour) that everyone seemed to enjoy could bring additional success, if not profit. Which unfortunately is currently impossible legally – so far. […]

New features on the horizon – update

So I’ve been slaving away for the past few days working on a varied and awesome collection of Google Maps – well, Google Earth .kml files – that center on Baltimore in general. Among these projects include map representations of City Paper’s Murder Ink (yes I know they already have one), CP’s Coldest Beers in […]

“That Bacon Guy”

So last night I’m rollin’ deep into my usual evening of trivia and I arrive to find two of my trivia compatriots handing me a bottle of Bacon Salt. I’ve seen about a trillion ads for the stuff lately, all over the internet and on Facebook especially, and quite frankly I was astonished to find […]

Movember ENDS!

No more mustache rides for anyone, because Movember has ended with a bang. All told I raised $585.00!!! As of this minute, I’m in 332nd place in the U.S. for raising money. Not too shabby. Thanks a million to everyone who donated, your prizes will be arriving shortly! 12/02/08 EDIT: MAKE THAT $635.00!! 299th PLACE!!! […]