The Baltimore Sun Mobbies – Aftermath

Well the Mobbies are over and done with, and what a fun time it was. I whole-foodsedly thank all of the readers, commenters, guest authors and Sheila Dixon for making this site truly worthy of a voter-generated award. But guess what! It’s just the beginning people! Prepare to see advertisements for this site on […]

Fuzzy Hearts to a Baltimore Food Examiner

It was called to my attention while I was away last week that a particular Baltimore Restaurant Events Examiner (quite the mouthful), Jasmine Touton, has given wicked mad props to the WILDLY POPULAR and current long term City That Breeds project, NachoQuest. Knowing full well what she’s talking about, she had the following to say […]

NachoQuest – THE MAP

Let’s say you’re driving around Baltimore in your Yaris or something, it’s 6pm and you’re stuck on St. Paul headed toward Light St. and those goddamn people who keep blocking the box are holding up absolutely everything. You glance out of your driver’s side window and note the presence of Cardboard Guy, and then it […]