…and we’re back

Literally ones of people have been asking me in recent history “WHAT’S WITH THE NO POSTS WHEN ARE YOU GOING OT PSOT NEED POSTS!!!” And I have very little recourse for this; the holidays came, went, got busy at work and a number of side projects that actually make money have come up in the […]

Baltimore Magazine’s Best Baltimore Commentary Blog – 2010!!

Have you ever heard of some website called The City That Breeds? Apparently it’s some blog about Baltimore. I’ve never read it myself but I saw some thing or another about it in the August issue of Baltimore Magazine. They think it’s like, a good commentary blog and they gave it some kind of award. […]

Submit your cat pictures, win junk

I promised, long ago, that in addition to hard-hitting journalism and reviews of nachos this site commonly known as The City That Breeds would also feature pictures of kittens, kitties, cats, and other various forms of felines. The time is now, Caturday is upon us and I must deliver on this promise. So Baltimore, begin […]

“I don’t know, I guess this could work, maybe?”

Let’s face it, you have issues. Issues that require the solid, well-trained advice that only someone on the Internet who works for NASA and has no formal advice-delivering experience at all can give you. That is why effective immediately, local personality SpaceManAndywill be fielding your questions and concerns in our new column, “I don’t know, […]

Introducing: Jasón Roland – “Salutations My Friend”

Don’t you miss the Sunday comics? Especially Mark Trail? No? Oh well. Here’s a new comic called Jasón Roland by Brian Nowakoswki. He describes the new effort as such: This is going to be a stream of consciousness strip so it’ll go where ever it’ll go. Part experiment, part I feel like it. Hope everyone […]