Every so often, Checkers offers the “Bacon Philly Cheese Steak Sub”, which looks quite tasty.  I’ve never tried it, but have ingested my fair share of their flagship The BIg Buford, which sounds like a character on The Dukes of Hazzard, or the brand name of an oblong sex device. After YouTubing several fat Rednecks gorging […]

Review II: Hello Fresh, Meat Edition

Get 30% Off on All boxes at HelloFresh! Use code 30FREE. Start enjoying real food – Shop now! A little while ago, blog friend Ann Marie reviewed the new, easy, fun meal delivery service Hello Fresh, which brings several meals to your door at an affordable price (roughly $10/meal per person) that you cook yourself. […]

Review: HelloFresh food delivery

Fellow blogger and Mobbie winner Ann Marie Brokmeier has put up her hard earned dollars to try out a home food delivery service, Hello Fresh, that you may have heard of recently. Find out whether it’s worth your time and equally hard earned dollars! You’ve probably seen this business model out there; you pay for […]


Recently I, your friendly neighborhood self-appointed Bishop of the CTB, took my wife to see Les Miserables. Note I added the statement “took my wife”.  This was my attempt to preserve some semblance of old school, Mad Men masculinity.  But we are beyond pretense now. Right?  We know each other well enough to be completely honest […]

Review: The Addams Family at the Hippodrome

Let me start by saying that I love the theatre. I love it so much that usually the experience of going to the theatre is enough to negate most of the flaws in a show. This was not the case for the Addams Family at the Hippodrome. Let’s start with a video, shall we? Just […]

Fun With Bad Reviews Vol. 3 – Creepot Edition

Ah, the internet. A time-tested repository of folks more than willing to express their opinion on venues and destinations that somehow disappointed them massively. This time (much like the last time) one of Baltimore’s beloved dives, The Depot (1728 N Charles St, Charles North), receives a general lambasting based on the quality of ownership and […]