CTB Podcast 80: Shaquafina

Dennis The Cynic and Evan The Mayor spend entirely too much time talking about Shaquille O’Neal, then segue to two unusual Baltimore based crowdfunding projects before the TRIUMPHANT RETURN of the Best Of Change Maryland. The results of the 2014 election are mulled over and possible outcomes for the state on the whole are discussed, […]

TBD Show Episode 29: Topmodel Bachelor David

The TBD Gang gets back to its roots and discusses some garbage reality TV including America’s Next Top Model and Bachelor in Paradise. Bryan has a very Larry David moment, and news of a catastrophic divorce is broken to the group.

TBD Show Episode 28: The Big Depression

Not surprisingly, we here at the TBD Show have about as much to say – unoriginal or otherwise – about the now late, and always great, Robin Williams. But before we shed a tear in his honor, Bryan makes enemies at Liz’s birthday party.

TBD Episode 27: Trickstery Brady Death

The TBD Show is joined by newly minted standup comic Nicki Fuchs (August 16th at Nu Bohemia Cafe, be there!) as they talk stand up comedy, Levy’s attempt to fake Wayne Brady’s death, and some rather graphic Tindr Talk. Good stuff!

TBD Episode 26: True Baltimore Dissertation

In the face of the most recent “List” of things about Baltimore someone on the Internet claims to be definitive, @BryanLevy comes up with his own List Of Things That Real Baltimoreans Hate About That List Of Things That Real Baltimoreans Love! Also, the TBD gang eats some disgusting Dorito products from 7-11.

TBD Episode 25: Torrid Babysitter Diversion

The TBD Gang kicks off their Terrible Movies on Hulu Film Series by discussing 1970’s “Weekend With the Babysitter,” a terrible terrible movie you should definitely watch before listening to this episode!