CTB Podcast Episode 18 Part 2: Unwarranted Trash

The story continues as we delve into Shout Outs, Would You Rather, the news that’s fit to rant about (including the soon to be outdated HARBOR POINT WATCH!) and Shut Ups. Be a True Patriot and support our sponsors. Thank you.

CTB Podcast Episode 18 Part 1: Friendship is Magic

It’s a packed house as @bryanlevy rejoins the podcast with tales from his visit to Georgia. Shankman recounts a visit from two of his British friends and their impressions of Baltimore. And Cheesy/Evan discuss at length the ins and outs of Bronycon! Part 2 drops Thursday. Thanks for listening.

CTB Podcast Episode 17: Pound That Popov

In this scintillating episode, Evan announces a big win for the podcast as it has recently won the Baltimore Magazine “Best Radio: New School” award and then complains about being sunburned having witnessed the Orioles lose to the Red Sox, Casey’s details his adventures across Middle America and at Jiffy Lube Live! amongst a flock […]

CTB Podcast Episode 16 Part 1: Pigeon in a Bag

The gang is joined by no one at all as they discuss Casey’s misadventures in West Baltimore and Evan debuts the new segment True Patriots of The Week. Crust Punks, popped collars, Crisfield and Artscape are all dealt with and we learn all about Pigeons in Fun Facts With Cheesy! Part 2 drops this Thursday, […]

CTB Podcast Episode 15 BONUS at Tommy’s Downtown Tavern

This very special BONUS companion to Episode 15 includes Name That Video Game, Dispatches from the Hipster World, and a lot of behind the scenes audio never before heard by anyone and nor should it ever be. Enjoy. Check out owner Tommy and his sweet tattoos in the photo gallery!