CTB Show 306: You’re a Good Man, Casey Brown

The Show is joined by Anna Fitzgibbon to discuss her entrepreneurial ventures via Outgrow Today, a leadership development company that is taking aim at making a difference in Baltimore. It’s an interview packed full of hopeful goodness and hoop farms. Additionally, a weird story AND a sad story from the Casey the Casem camp which […]

CTB Show 304: The Glazelander

The Show is joined by none other than long time social media pal Keisha Allen, who is running for Baltimore City’s 10th district council seat. She discusses her history, her life in Southwest Baltimore, and her campaign to run in this year’s election. You can learn more about Keisha at keishaforbaltimore.com or on Twitter @keisha4bmore. […]

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: I Don’t Know What That is, But I Like the Sound of It!

Apologies for the mic static, we fixed it eventually! S1E9: “What Price, Gloria?” When Sam becomes a Miss Executive Secretary, you know it’s time for Sam to save sexism! Needless to say, sisters weren’t doing it for themselves back in the 60’s! Also Al is sexually attracted to Sam, which is weird! S1E10: “Blind Faith” […]