CTB Show 190:

Evan is off mic for roughly 26 minutes as the gang discusses distillery tours, Artscape, what movies to show your kids and more!

CTB Show 188: An Institution of Crap

The Podgang celebrates its 188th show at performance space Reverb! Taste tests, audience participation, Would You Rather and a surprise guest make this show one of the best ever.

CTB Show 187: Chili Spaghetti Jim’s

The Show is joined by video game developer Tronster Hartley of Firaxis Games! Video games are front and center as a topic alongside more taste tests, chili cookoffs, a smattering of Trump talk and more.

CTB Show 186: A Night Train Smoothie

The Show is joined by NASA engineer and food writin’ Baltimorean extraordinaire Ryan Detter to discuss SPACE and FOOD! As well as an All American Utz potato chip taste test and a bevvy of other topics. Enjoy!