CTB Podcast Episode 26: Roger Dolphin Mellencamp

Hilarity ensues as @bryanlevy and Bryan Preston (@theskullbase) join the show to discuss Zima, cake at weddings, Name That Video Game and an incontemplatable (is that even a word?) list of other things. The news that’s fit to rant about makes an appearance but is drowned out by hilarity. Did I mention this episode is […]

Carne’s Corner Episode 1

formerly the Baltimore Bad Birds podcast, Carne finally got a dedicated cast n’ crew to record the week gone by in sports. It’s like SACK, but in podcast form. Enjoy! I am back with a BRAND NEW PODCAST with an ALL NEW Cast! With me, I brought in Chad Kendrick and Mike Moorhouse. In this […]

CTB Podcast Episode 25: A little Robotussin in yer Cognac

  Evan, Dennis and Cheesy discuss a lost dog finding service in Baltimore, Evan reviews a bar he went to on assignment and a gay bar crawl is mulled over. Proper pronunciation of “Sriracha” is debated and a prolonged discussion of Martin O’Malley and the news that’s fit to rant about ensues including the question: […]

CTB Podcast Episode 24: Damn You Gay Bingo

A bevvy of characters populate this episode as Carne Cabeza pops in to tell a tale of the world’s most awkward almost encounter with mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Nate Dogg and Shab join the panel as Hampdenfest is discussed, mac n’ cheese balls, the Tranny scene in Baltimore, The Best of 311, Craigslist, Shout Outs, the […]

The Cynic Interview With Dennis

As we at CTB expand our …expanded coverage for the future, DennisTheCynic branches out to interview local candidates for the area and surrounding regions. Here’s my first interview for the 2014 elections with Brooke Lierman, who is running for the House of Delegates in the 46th district. Check out her page at http://www.brookelierman.com. We cover […]

CTB Podcast Episode 22: CTB at CCRG

A very special episode previously recorded at Du Burnes Arena with the cast and crew of the Charm City Roller Girls (with special bonus guests!), learn everything you need to know about CCRG and have a laugh while doing it. Unfortunately due to a technical snafu the final third of this episode has been lost […]