CTB Show 259: Probably not Bryan

2018 is over and the Podgang gets all retrospective! Chapter 4 of the Plain Potatoes Saga is discussed, holiday doin’s and transpirin’s, what might be in store for 2019 and more!

CTB Show 258: Technology Understander

A recently acquired stack of Playboys from 1988 by Evan The Mayor sparks a lengthy conversation about the state of things today and how very little has changed since then – with hilarious results! Then things crawl along into some holiday blues discussion, a new chapter in the plainpotatoes saga, and more!

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Tess Won’t Breed With Inferior Stock

Episode 3 of Ziggy Gets it Wrong is here! This Time the gang covers “How The Tess Was Won” and “Double Identity,” which deals with some very strange gender relations and star crossed lovers, respectively. Sam miraculously knows how to ride an untamed horse as well. Does Ziggy get it right? Listen and find out!

The Tipjar: Hairless Dogs and Stuff

This week’s topic comes from a generous donation from Johnny the Mailman! The Podgang discusses hairless dogs, hairless dog charities, and some other weird animal stuff. Enjoy. Like these episodes? Shoot us a buck or two on Venmo (@citythatbreeds) – or Paypal! (paypal.me/citythatbreeds).

CTB Show 257

The Podgang talks about nothing at all in particular and you’re going to like it IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU!

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Al Makes Reference to a Floozy

Episodes 3 and 4 of the ol’ Leap this week featuring a super horny professor, a super horny redhead, a super horny nun, and an historic breakin at a certain hotel. It’s Ziggy Gets it Wrong, a Quantum Leap Podcast! Enjoy.