CTB Show 262: 50 First Comments

The Podgang starts off the episode with a bonus Tipjar featuring which 80s movie is the most problematic! Then there are several trip reports to cover, Evan gets cyber bullied, Roger Stone has been arrested, and some more stuff. Scintillating stuff.

CTB Show 261: Greekpotle

The Podgang is joined by Matt Robicelli and Noah from the Robicelli Argument Clinic to get weird, talk about teen dating strategies, cereal and other foods, Elon Musk and an absolute slew of other random topicry. Enjoy!

CTB Presents: The Robicelli Argument Clinic

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Robicelli Argument Clinic! Starring Allison and Matt Robicelli, Guy on the Couch Noah, and special guest host Bryan Levy (seen above) from the CTB Show. It’s a half hour of arguing about food topics and a lightning round, with a winning argument deemed crown-worthy at episode’s end. You […]

CTB Show 260: Chicken Pot Crunch Stout?

First episode of 2019! The Podgang raps about Star Trek, Thank You For Being a Crab, Baltimore news and some more fast and loose topics! Enjoy. Subscribe. Like. Share. Do it for you, do it for us.

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Sam Does Not Solve Racism

The Podgang tackles the Driving Miss Daisy and the Pimply Kid Saves the Day episodes of Quantum Leap! Quantum Leap is obsessed with adolescent boy virginity and it’s weird! Does Ziggy get it right this time? Listen and found out!