The Tipjar: Terrible Awesome 80’s Movies

It’s a new Tipjar! This episode brought to you by the generous Tip from @zegolf via Venmo (@citythatbreeds, donate today!). The topic: terrible, awesome 80’s movies. Enjoy!

The Tipjar: Finales

New Tipjar! This episode’s topic is Series and Season Finales of shows. It’s a total gas! Like it? Shoot us some dough on Venmo (@citythatbreeds)! Or, use Paypal! – see ya next time!

The Tipjar: Alcohol

This week’s Tipjar comes to us from Robert K who writes, “I’m a drinker, you guys are drinkers. I want to know what your most disgusting/unexpectedly delicious improvised drinks are. For example, I’m a big fan of gin and Fresca. I’m also ashamed to love gatoritas. Which is the cheapest tequila you can find poured […]

The Tipjar: Childhood Toys

It’s a new Tipjar episode! This week’s topic comes courtesy of Dave W, “Childhood Toys.” You can probably see where this one’s gonna go. Enjoy! Like it? Send us a buck on Venmo (@citythatbreeds). $5? You get to dictate a future Tipjar topic.