BONUS Mealtime! #10

This bonus Mealtime! comes directly from Twitter user @juliemore! The power of the internet. What: Mozzarella, prosciutto and pesto on foccacia (plus wine, pine nuts, pastries and olive oil). Where: Trinacria Macaroni Works (map) How Much: $5.95 for the sandwich, $30 for everything. Synopsis: I personally have never been to Trinacria but @juliemore described the […]

Metropolitan Coffee House and Wine Bar

What: Cheesesteak and Eggs w/ toast and coffee  Where: Metropolitan Coffee House and Wine Bar (map) How Much: $11.00 Synopsis: Despite Metropolitan’s nearly legendarily sluggish and haphazard service, make no mistake that their food is awesome. This brunch specialty, the cheesesteak and egg sub, is a perfect example. Take something wonderful like a cheesesteak, add […]

Mealtime! #8

What: Ham and Cheddar wrap (w/ lettuce, tomato, etc.) Where: Wharf Rat (801 S. Ann St. – map) How Much: $7.95 – because they charged for the wrong thing. Actual price was $5.95 Synopsis: I’m going to make this as short and sweet as possible because it’s such a basic meal – the wrap had […]