Mealtime! #13

Continuing the “I’m a big dumb tourist who likes to follow Anthony BOREdain’s travels” Mealtime! series… What: Cold Seafood Platter, Calamari Appetizer Where: Mo’s Crab and Pasta Factory How Much: $15.99 for the platter, $8.99 for the calamari Synopsis: I have heard ten billion horror stories and ten billion happy stories about the service and […]

NachoQuest – Stalking Horse

While I normally wouldn’t be caught dead in Stalking Horse (26 E Cross St., Federal Hill) on a weekend evening, I have to admit they’ve got some pretty good bar food. Weeknights at Stalking Horse are quiet and usually feature CHEAAAAP specials, so I’d recommend it. At any rate, this is about nachos so let’s […]

NachoQuest – The Pickled Parrot

Nachos from The Pickled Parrot (3020 Elliott St., Canton) come with chili, tomato, black olives, jalapenos, cheese and sour cream for 8 bucks. And according to the bartender, you can add chicken for another 3 bucks (though it doesn’t say so on the menu). Plus, if you’re there on a Saturday between 4-7pm, they’re half […]

NachoQuest – Turp’s

(let it be known that I will be performing a full review on Turp’s very, very soon) Let’s just get this out of the way right now: The meatless nacho fiesta comes with salsa, black olives, jalapenos (not fresh), cheddar, gauc and sour cream. For $5.95, add chili for a buck. But if you’re smart/lucky/badass […]