Stuggy’s Old Fashioned – best hot dogs in the city? (!)

Even if you’re a 9th level Vegan, chances are pretty high that at some point in time in your life, you’ll develop a deep-seated, insatiable craving for mankind’s greatest achievement (aside from nachos), the hot dog. And if, when such a craving strikes, you go anywhere other that Stuggy’s (809 South Broadway) in Fells Point, […]

PSA: Help suport SoBo cafe!

When it comes to The Baltimore Eclectic, our city isn’t exactly lacking. It seems like every neighborhood has at least a few establishments which embrace that part of what makes Charm City, well, Charm City: the independent, quirky bar/restaurant with a truly at-home atmosphere and good home cooking. SoBo Cafe, in the heart of Federal […]

Mealtime! #18 – How much should a turkey wrap cost?

What: Turkey Wrap Where: Cafe Azafran (3700 San Martin Dr, Johns Hopkins Homewood) How Much: $8.50 Synopsis: It’s not often that I would use Mealtime! to disparage something I’m eating, but this turkey wrap – despite its decent flavor – was small and exceedingly expensive considering you could just as easily get the same thing […]

Mealtime! Jong Kak

What: Beef Bulgogi platter, Kimchi Bowl Where: Jong Kak (18 W 20th St, Charles North) How Much: $8.50 each (lunch special) Synopsis: Do you love Korean food? Do you love the most amazing lunch deals ever? Then you should probably check out Jong Kak’s lunch specials on the daily. All of this delicious food you […]

Mealtime! #16

What: Flag Pizza (large, 16″) Where: Joe Squared (133 W North Ave., Charles North) How Much: $23 (yikes!) Synopsis: Posting anything about Joe Squared is kind of an afterthought since practically everyone knows it’s a superior place to get a ‘gourmet’ pizza. And this pizza, split into three different pizzas (standard cheese, four cheese, pesto […]

NachoQuest – Kooper’s Tavern

Things I learned while sampling the nachos at Kooper’s: 1) The addition of chili, in some cases, can actually elevate the quality of an entire plate of nachos. 2) My camera phone is horrifically shitty and I should seriously just bring my regular camera with me everywhere. At any rate, the nachos at Kooper’s Tavern […]