Wham Bam Thank You Tam

Say hello to Tam. He’s a self described craZy aZian who writes long, humorous rants here and there on the Internet. We’ve brought him on board to CTB so that you may read his craZiness on a semi regular basis. Enjoy his introductory love letter entitled “A common man with uncommon thoughts. Also, screw you […]

Put That Wherever

Sunday, 3:32pm: Martin’s Grocery Store, LaVale, MD The American grocery store. Home of club card Tilapia, year-long supplies of strawberries, and of course, the salad bar complete with hard boiled eggs and blue cheese crumbles. After picking up our family-size trays of steamed shrimp, finish-in-three-bite sandwiches, and shipped-from-Chile mixed fruit arrangement, Jaime Sawyers and I […]

Put That Wherever

Thursday, 6:24pm: The Guilford Bridge, Again After the discovery of the first medical waste pile, a good friend explained that catheters are often stolen from hospitals and clinics in order to collect clean pee for drug testing. What!? I didn’t fully buy this explanation until I was walking Shambles on the bridge last Thursday, and […]


Hello CTB Family, Your friendly, neighborhood, self-appointed Bishop here. The following is a real series of phone conversations I had with a Baltimore teen who participated in a youth program I led.  Here is the cast of characters: Bishop – That’s me. David – The seventeen-year-old living in Pig Town who was part of the youth […]