I’m taking a quick detour from my regular Bloggie Route to deliver a follow-up edition of more ‘Texts from Reeses’, which only took up a portion of my last Bloggie (I‘ll post the link at the bottom for the uncool peeps who haven’t read them). This special blog package arrived due to the overwhelmingly positive […]

18 Texts From My Cat, Puff Daddy, and the Secret to Blogging!

The eulogy for Originality has been delivered.  In the world of themed cyberspace journaling, the creative oxygen machine that pumps new thoughts into the minds of bloggers i.e., bored housewives, bipolar teenagers, crazed introverts, closeted gays,  and struggling Asian writers, has long vented its final breath. Just on TUMBLR alone, over 120 MILLION Blog Posts […]

4 Social Situations Where Men and Women are Different, and Why Both Sexes Will Never be Viewed Equally

  There should be equality in oral sex.  If I happen to be on the receiving end of this delightful action, I would immediately execute a like-kind exchange, and assume the Giving position. I also believe that men and women should VIEW each other equally.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen because just like cunninglingus and fellatio, […]

The True Allure of Facebook, and 5 Not-So-Obvious Things we ALL do on Facebook That We Deny Or Downplay

Unless you are an Iron Chef, Life’s savory question is not whose cuisine reigns supreme, but rather why do we have an appetite for a taste of a life that is not our own? Instead of “socially networking”, Facebook’s slogan should be to “socially spy”. We are ALL stalkers to a certain degree on Facebook, […]

Scenes from the Hagerstown Cracker Barrel Part III: Justified

By Sam Sessa I know a guy who, in one cross-country road trip, dined and dashed at almost a dozen Cracker Barrels. He and his buddy would order the same thing every time, tip the waitress, get the check and walk out through the Old Country Store without paying. Sometimes they even ordered food to […]