Rowhouse Grille soon to be open 7 days a week, probably

When it was remodeled from the previously existing Light Street Station, Rowhouse Grille (1400 South Light St, Federal Hill) opened in 2009 and was seen by some as a welcome addition to the Federal Hill neighborhood, while others gave it the now typical “I give it a year at most” divination. Welp, 2.5 years later, […]

SpaceManAndy’s Politically Potent Potables for Sober and Sad Sarah

Dear SpaceManAndy, I need booze to get me through the current political climate. Please suggest some cocktails. Thanks, Sober and Sad Sarah Dear Sober and Sad, No, thank YOU. You’ve given me a chance to combine 2 of my great loves: booze, and asserting my opinion on current events! It’s true, things are depressing right […]


If there are two things alcoholic I tend to avoid, it’s Tequila and Bloody Marys, in that order. Ever since the days of yore when I retched on a room temperature shot of tequila at the bar or turned my nose at what I feel is essentially cold spicy tomato soup with booze in it, […]