Bar Rescue and Murphy’s Law: please help control the bar population, have your bar spayed or neutered

11/21/12 EDIT/UPDATE: Muprhy’s Law closed a mere few months after relaunch and went to auction. It has since reopened as a place known as Bradley’s, which the Sun recently reviewed as “Bland“ In case you missed it last night, Spike TV’s Bar Rescue episode featuring Fells Point’s J.A. Murphy’s-turned Murphy’s Law aired, the full episode […]

Baltimore Pride Drinking Game!

We saw The Baltimore Chop’s Pride Parade Bingo and we liked it, and we obviously love Pride, but we thought something was missing. The answer was obvious. What makes everything more fun? Alcohol! So, without further adieu, City that Breeds is proud to present: The Official Baltimore Pride Drinking Game* Take 1 drink: Exposed pubes […]

Woody’s Rum Bar gets slapped with stop work order

While breezing through Fells Point the other day, I couldn’t help but notice that Woody’s Run Bar and Island Grill (1700 Thames St.) looked conspicuously stripped down, had some conspicuous yellow tape running along the length of its balcony windows, and had a more than conspicuous telltale bright orange STOP WORK order pasted to the […]

JA Murphy’s is now Murphy’s Law

(update: The episode of Bar Rescue has aired and Murphy’s Law has since closed. Read more here.) I’m a bit confused here. Last month, it was announced pretty much everywhere that Spike TV’s Bar Rescue (Kitchen Nightmares for bars) would be filming at JA Murphy’s (1703 Aliceanna St, Fells Point). Then, something something about filming […]

Alewife adds some (more) high end items to dinner menu

A few nights ago I was traipsing about around downtown when I happened to meet a guy named Matt Wertman, who has been doing a bit of work over at Alewife (21 North Eutaw St., Downtown) during the lunch shift. He’s assisting Head Chef Chad Wells with cooking and what not, just generally being a […]

SpaceManAndy’s Politically Potent Potables Part 2: Getting Ripped with Republicans

As some of you remember, a while back I did a column called Politically Potent Potables for Sober and Sad Sarah in which I proposed some cocktails to get her through the current political climate (at the time). GUESS WHAT! It’s a different time now, and different people are politically relevant. So, without further ado, […]