Say Hello To Smaltimore

The long awaited, long anticipated, looooong time in the works new restaurant in Canton by one No Idea / former Don’t Know bartreneur Jason Zink, now officially called Smaltimore (Where everybody knows everyone and everything about them!, 2522 Fait Ave, Canton), has been opening its doors to the public in recent weeks and is slated […]

First Impressions: Dirty Oars Tavern

Good God almighty it seems like a jillion years ago that defunct tequila bar Lime went up for sale – well, two years to be exact, which is an eternity in Blog Years – but at long last the everybody-has-seen-the-signs-up-but-never-seems-to-ever-have-been-opened Dirty Oars Tavern (801 E Fort Ave., Riverside) has finally opened its doors for business. […]

Cross Street’s Cross Bar Denied

In case you haven’t noticed lately, the Ryleigh’s Oyster group has been lobbying pretty hard on Twitter and Facebook in an effort to bring to fruition “Baltimore’s first German Biergarten” in the form of Cross Bar, an open air multihundred seat bar restaurant to occupy addresses 12-18 Cross Street. They lobbied hard, had a petition […]

Shuckers slapped with eviction notice, massive back rent owed

Roughly 90 days after our last rumblings from one Shuckers of Fells Point (1629 Thames St) in which they were fined for operating without a business license – later revealed to be an issue of back taxes owed in excess of $100,000 – comes a tip today that they’ve been given an eviction notice from […]

Shucker’s slapped for operating without a business license

From today’s Liquor Board hearing comes a bit of trouble, seems like Shucker’s of Fells Point (920 S Broadway) has/had been operating without a business license, which is kind of a big no-no in the state of Maryland. According to the docket they had been operating without a Trader’s License (the license required for selling […]

Nepenthe, new homebrew store, comes to Woodberry

Continuing its steady march to fully becoming Little Portland comes the news that Nepenthe (3600 Clipper Mill Rd, Woodberry), a home brew supply store with the new and exciting option of brewing on premises, is now alive and kicking in Woodberry. As Baltimore’s home brew scene begins to expand more and more, enriching everyone’s lives […]