Longing for Leadership

Hello CTB Family, It’s your friendly, neighborhood, self-appointed Bishop here.  Today I would like to speak with you about one of my passions. No, this is not going to be a rant about great coffee, or why I hate cats, or my latest book.  I want to talk with you about leadership. You may not […]

MIB: Barcelona Nuts

Nuts. High in protein, contains the good kind of fats, a million ways to prepare them. And in this fast paced web synergy marketplace world we live in, you’ve got a lot of hifalutin’ options. Planters, Emerald, Wonderful, some other brand I’m forgetting, the list goes on and on. Fortunately for you, the next time […]

Say Hello to the Raw Barge

Well here’s a pleasant sight from sometimes contributor Darth Raymunnn, who was wandering around aimlessly at Harborview the other day: the Tiki Barge’s (500 Harborview Dr., Inner Harbor) new double decker Raw Barge, which as of last winter was in the works and supposedly denied/delayed by the Harborview community, but folks began witnessing its construction […]

The Value of Free Money and the Shame of Harbor Point

Paul M Gardner returns to us with a meaty, delicious diatribe on the tax travesty known as Harbor Point. In 2012, Councilman Pete Welch proposed a bill that would place advertisements on the sides of Baltimore City fire trucks based on the idea that the new revenue could prevent the looming, permanent closure of 3 […]

From the Wal-Mart Remington unending saga 2000; another lawsuit

Sent via a tipster, which has by now been (being?) covered by the “full-time media” and is now a matter of public digestion, comes this blurb from Jeanne Knight, President of the Old Goucher Association (Remington’s next door neighbor): I was asked to attend a brief meeting today at 5:30 that included only neighborhood leaders […]