Where to spend Halloween Eve in Baltimore: A flowchart

When living in Baltimore during what can truly be considered a high holiday in this fair city – Halloween – the pressure of deciding where to go to show off your a) ironic, b) sexy, or c) all of the above costume and getting blackout drunk with thousands of other people can be daunting. It’s […]

Tommy’s Downtown Tavern is the toehold Pigtown needs

A while ago I had heard through the grapevine (probably via @casey18cc and @carolott, who live within eyeshot) that Tommy’s Downtown Tavern (839 W Cross St, Pigtown) was for sale and was reminded again by reading it over on southbmore.com that Tom Fox is trying to sell the property to the “right person,” someone who […]

Help fund the running of the pigs, get cool stuff

The annual Pigtown Festival is upon us on October 19th and what would the Pigtown Festival be without the iconic Running of the Pigs (aka “The Squeekness”)? Adorable little sue-WEEthearts trotting along a makeshift racecourse covered in hay, delighting and DAZZLING children of all ages. Or something like that. At any rate with 12 days […]

Grand Central Commentary Rebuttal Commentary

Grand Central: The DC Bar, located in New-Detroit by Ann Marie and Liz Grand Central experienced some impromptu remodeling on Monday night, when the driver of a stolen car crashed in to its south-side wall. The driver also managed to smash into a truck carrying drums of white paint, splashing it all over the sidewalk […]

The Very Best of 311

We debuted this segment on the Podcast but since it’s just such a visual feature, what the hell, let’s post the 311 tweets discussed on the show! These are some choice 311 reports that tickled our fancy over the past week. BONUS TOTAL DICKHEAD POINTS FOR THIS ONE! Parking Complaint Request at 1321-1375 S Conkling […]